3.8 million Syrians are refugees. This is the biggest humanitarian emergency of our era.

The Syrian conflict and its impact on the surrounding region has resulted in a mega-crisis, with over 3.8 million Syrians seeking refuge in neighbouring countries. To make things worse, winter storms have brought snow and freezing temperatures - damaging tents and other temporary shelters.

Um Ahmed and her husband Mohammed live in a damp apartment with peeling paint and crumbling walls in Jordan. They have three sons, two of whom are living with disability, but can only afford medical treatment for one of them."I wish I could treat my children, I wish to see my children in better health, but we don't have the means of treating them as it's very expensive," Um Ahmed said. "I love my children very much and I accept them as they are but I wish I could afford better treatment for them."

Refugees like Um Ahmed and her children urgently need your help.

What is UNHCR doing to help

UNHCR provides basic and necessary humanitarian aid for Syrians struggling with the harsh climate conditions and helping the most vulnerable refugees with urgently needed relief - cash for medicine and food, stoves and fuel for heating, insulation for tents, thermal blankets and winter clothing.

By helping refugees in the surrounding region, UNHCR hopes toreduce the number of desperate Syrians resorting to smugglers and falling preyto traffickers to reach safety elsewhere.

Thanks to the generous support of our donors in the past year alone, 1.7 million refugees received food aid, 350,000 children were enrolled in school, and shelter in camps was provided for more than 400,000 refugees.

You can help make a difference.


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UNHCR's refund policy
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Your donation will support UNHCR emergency work in Syria and other countries where refugees and internally displaced people are in need.