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UNHCR | Donate to help vulnerable Afghans in need this winter.

Afghan refugee father and child are facing harsh winter, help refugees, donate to UNHCR.

Humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan

Cold, starving and poor, the people of Afghanistan are in the grip of the world’s worst crisis.

The newest wave of conflict – the latest in 40 years – forced 700,000 people from their homes in 2021. Displaced Afghans are now facing hunger, poverty and a freezing winter, in addition to the constant threat of COVID-19. 

You can help Afghans survive this emergency.

Many displaced families lack insulated shelters, warm clothes, and fuel for heating, and hunger has reached unprecedented levels. 

Thanks to the support of generous people like you, over 1 million people in Afghanistan in 2021 were provided with emergency support such as blankets, cash grants and tents. As the harsh weather continues, UNHCR is still delivering essential items like solar panels and winter insulation for tents to help vulnerable displaced people survive the most difficult months of the year.

But more support is urgently needed.

Temperatures are dropping close to zero during the daytime and far below zero at night. People sleeping outside or in inadequate shelters are at risk of hypothermia.

Your donation can provide people displaced inside Afghanistan with life-saving winter aid, as well as other emergency support throughout the year for refugees forced to flee to neighbouring countries. Give today to protect these families who so desperately need your help. 
Please donate now.

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is enough to provide cash assistance to a displaced family in Afghanistan, to help them to buy heating fuel and warm winter clothes


can provide a tent insulation kit to help keep a family warm in their shelter 


can provide blankets to a whole family displaced within Afghanistan

Afghan refugee father and child are facing harsh winter, help refugees, donate to UNHCR.

Humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan

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