Winter aid

Afghanistan. Winterization in Bamyan province

This coming winter will again be very challenging for millions of people forced to flee their homes around the world. Steep rises in the cost of basic commodities like food and fuel, combined with the climate crisis and the long-term consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic continue to challenge displaced families. Many are facing even more difficulties during the coldest months of the year. The most vulnerable are forced to make impossible choices as they try to keep their fragile homes warm and dry and their families healthy

For people forced to flee the war in Ukraine, UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, is helping the most vulnerable families by providing cash assistance, winter supplies and helping to reinforce homes and collective shelters against the harsh weather. 

In Afghanistan, as well as in Iran and Pakistan where many vulnerable Afghan families have fled over the years, the humanitarian situation is more dire year on year and the winter months are extremely challenging. UNHCR is providing cash assistance, solar installations, and helping with the construction of permanent shelters to help families on the brink who are often exposed to harsh cold and snow early on in high-altitude cities as well as remote villages.  

Across the Middle East, in LebanonJordan, and Syria, UNHCR is on the ground providing life-saving aid and winter supplies to refugees and displaced families facing snowstorms, flooding, and freezing temperatures. We are also providing support to families fleeing the Sudan crisis, who found protection and shelter in Egypt and are facing similar challenges this winter for the first time. 

But we cannot continue this work without your help. Your donation is needed more than ever now to protect vulnerable families through the harsh winter months.

The winter response is among UNHCR’s top priorities for the coming months. 

Please help us act now before it’s too late. 

Why is it important that you help refugees?

Never before in history have there been so many people forced to flee war, violence or persecution. More than 100 million men, women and children are desperately in need of a safer future. They are people just like you and me. UNHCR is helping them, but we cannot do this alone.

In order to continue to provide life-saving aid, we are in urgent need of more financial support. Lack of funding means that children are going without food, sick people are not receiving adequate care, and schools are not being built. 

Your contribution to the work of UNHCR is needed more than ever.

Why is a monthly donation better for refugees?

Thanks to a monthly contribution, refugees receive our help 

  • Faster: More predictable income allows us to respond immediately when a crisis occurs, ensuring that UNHCR is always the first to come to the aid of refugees in need. 

  • In a more durable manner: Thanks to monthly donations, UNHCR can go beyond short-term emergency aid, allowing us to plan ahead and to find durable solutions for and with refugees.  

  • In a more efficient way: Long-term, predictable income allows UNHCR to do what it does best, and that’s saving lives, protecting fundamental rights and building better futures. It lowers administrative costs and allows us to spend less time and energy on raising funds. 

Why is a monthly donation better for you?

With a monthly contribution, you can 

  • Make a bigger difference: A monthly contribution helps save lives in the short term but also helps build better futures in the long run.

  • Have full control: You can very easily increase, decrease or cancel your monthly donation by emailing us at [email protected].

  • Save time: From the moment you create your monthly donation, your contribution will automatically be deducted through a secured transfer and you will be making a real difference every month.

  • Be very proud: You are there for people forced to flee when they need you most.

How can I stay informed?

We’d love to keep you up to date on the situation of people forced to flee around the world, on how UNHCR is protecting them, and on how you can get involved. All you need to do when you are completing your donation is to check the box “Yes, I would like to receive UNHCR news about the impact of my support on the daily lives of refugees and their future.” 

Can I donate directly on a bank account?

Yes you can! If you wish to make a direct donation to our bank account, please find all relevant information on this webpage: 

Please note that if you make a direct donation and wish to stay informed about the work of UNHCR and the impact of your donation, you will need to register separately for our newsletter:

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If you have questions concerning your donation to the UN Refugee Agency, or if you experience difficulties while processing your donation on this site, please email us at [email protected]

Please note that donations to UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, may not be tax deductible depending on the country you are in.