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Help Shelter the Elderly in Ukraine - Donate Now - UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency

When bombs fall, younger people can flee, but think for a moment about the elderly, disabled and frail who are so often left behind.

Five years ago, when conflict raged in Crimea and Eastern Ukraine, many elderly people had no choice but to hide in their damaged homes. And even with winter temperatures that plummet to minus 20 degrees celsius, many are still sleeping in basements.

Like Vera, whose bedroom was destroyed just moments after she got up from bed. “I remember the sound of glass smashing and so much damage far and wide.” When she saw the damage she cried for a long time.

Please donate to help vulnerable old people like Vera get back their homes”. Helena Christensen. 

UNHCR is repairing thousands of homes and distributing vital items like blankets, coats and bedding sets. We are installing new panes of glass and insulation, repairing roofs and rebuilding houses from the foundations up.

But the needs are vast and we can’t do this alone - without your help half of these vulnerable pensioners will face another year without home.

UNHCR UN Refugee Agency Shelter Ukraine Helena Christensen

We urgently need your help to continue providing life-saving protection to families forced to flee their homes.