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Can you help protect and heal the suffering of children who’ve lost everything?

While fleeing wars and conflicts, thousands of children become separated from families & relatives. Some children travel alone, sent ahead by their parents in a desperate attempt to ensure their children's survival, others are orphaned. Around 40% of the world’s displaced are children. Many of these unaccompanied and separated children (UASC) have to live with the trauma of having seen things that no child ever should. Some have even seen their parents killed.

Your gift today could support the following works of UNHCR to help the lone children: 

・ HK$8,000 can provide cash grants to cover school expenses for 30 primary refugee students in Uganda
・ HK$4,000 can provide psychosocial support to 15 refugee children in Bangladesh for a whole year
・ HK$1,170 can register and issue documents for 150 South Sudanese children in Ethiopia to safeguard their rights


Your long-term support can transform unaccompanied children's lives:

・ HK$506 monthly can provide temporary accommodation for refugees, including unaccompanied children
・ HK$220 monthly can register and issue birth documents for 14 refugee children to safeguard their rights 
・ HK$145 monthly can provide 5 refugee children with a place in school 


By most importantly, you can ensure vulnerable children can get critical help, regain a sense of normalcy in their life and hopes for the future.


Can you help protect and heal the suffering of children who’ve lost everything?

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