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Yemen Emergency


Yemen’s brutal five-year conflict has disrupted the lives of millions, it remains the world's largest humanitarian crisis. 80% (over 24 million people) of the Yemenis’ population rely on aid to survive and over 20 million people are severely food insecure.
Yemenis are in urgent need of improved public health services. Only 51% of Yemen’s health facilities are fully functional. Yemen is frequently hit by torrential rains which may exacerbate the risks of infectious diseases like cholera, especially in crowded refugee camps. It is now further compounded by the COVID-19 pandemic and critical underfunding by 95%, which is putting at serious risk of halt many humanitarian programmes.
Please donate today, you can save families in Yemen access:

  • Community outreach and early detection services to reduce the spread of COVID-19
  • Soap, hand sanitiser and hand washing stations
  • Cash assistance to help displaced families pay for food and rent
  • Relief items such as shelter kits, medicine, mattresses and blankets

Most donors right now are giving HK$225 or more per month

Yemen Emergency


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