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Every Gift Counts on Eid Al Adha – UNHCR, The UN Refugee Agency

Now more than ever, refugee families need your help. 

This year, thousands of refugee families will receive the blessed days of Dhul Hijjah and Eid Al Adha amid uncertainty and hardship. The COVID-19 pandemic and lockdowns forced many refugee and displaced families to fall deeper into extreme poverty.  

The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region hosts 85% of the world’s refugees and today many of these families are running out of ways to pay rent or feed their children; at risk of homelessness and exploitation. 50% of refugee families in Lebanon have reported losing their only source of income, and 70% have reported having to skip meals. 

During Ramadan, we were able to help thousands of families in need, but there are more people who need our help today. While refugee children will be waiting for Eid and new clothes and gifts, their parents are simply struggling to feed them. 

Please imagine what your gift can do for those most vulnerable today. 

Your donation, Sadaqah and Zakat can help to:  

  • Shelter families 

  • Feed the hungry 

  • Provide healthcare 

  • Prevent exploitation 

  • Preserve dignity  

Please Donate Now. 

Rohingya family

Help a refugee family on Eid Al Adha 

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Summary of donation information

Monthly gifts help us save more families forced to flee. By making a monthly donation to UNHCR, you will provide refugees with ongoing relief and protection and help them regain hope for a better future.


means 3 refugees have shelter, food, water, and medicine till the end of the year

$76 monthly

provides 1 refugee family with shelter, food, water and medicine all year long

$35 monthly

will help provide 1 lifesaving aid on a monthly basis