UNHCR | Afghanistan Emergency

The people of Afghanistan are in the grip of one of the world’s worst crises.   

After decades of conflict, nine in ten Afghans live in poverty, unemployment is soaring, and public services are insufficient to meet needs on the ground. The country continues to host one of the world's worst humanitarian crises, with more than half of the population estimated to need humanitarian assistance in 2024. Now, devastating flooding has destroyed homes across the country and forced people to flee once again.  

Many displaced families lack sturdy shelters to protect them from the elements, basic items such as blankets, and cash for essentials, including food and medicine.  

Your help is urgently needed. You can help give people displaced inside Afghanistan the life-saving support they need to survive.  

Please donate now.    

Photo credit: © WAW/Fazal Wahab Aman

Afghanistan. Joint mission assesses flood-damaged village in Baghlan Province


One-off donation: Your gift will help support people displaced inside Afghanistan and Afghan refugees forced to flee across borders in the region.

Monthly donation: Consider making a monthly donation. Monthly donations help assist more families forced to flee. By making a regular gift to UNHCR, you can provide refugees and displaced people worldwide with ongoing relief, protection, and hope for a better future.