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UNHCR | Donate to help people displaced by the crisis in Afghanistan


The newest wave of conflict – the latest in 40 years – has forced more than half a million people from their homes so far in 2021. 

The crisis is taking a heavy toll on women and children, who make up 80% of Afghanistan’s internally displaced people. Alongside homelessness and the threat of violence, displaced Afghans are facing drought, food scarcity, COVID-19 and a health system at breaking point. 

Help us prepare for the worst. 

UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, has assisted some 340,000 internally displaced persons in Afghanistan this year. This includes providing core relief items, hygiene kits, family tents and other life-saving aid.

As a part of the broader UN country team, we will stay and deliver for the Afghan people for as long as we have access to people in need – but we urgently need your support. 

As winter looms, you can help us ramp our response so that we can help people displaced inside Afghanistan, as well as prepare to respond to refugees forced to flee to neighbouring countries.  

Please donate now!

UNHCR Afghanistan situation

Humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan 

Over half a million Afghans have been displaced so far this year. Consider making a monthly donation to support the UN Refugee Agency's work in crises around the world, like Afghanistan.

US$ 430

could provide an emergency shelter kit, which includes a family tent and 2 plastic tarpaulins, to a displaced family in Afghanistan

US$ 73

could provide a kit of core relief items, including blankets, sleeping mats, jerrycans, a bucket, mosquito nets and kitchen set, to an Afghan refugee family in Pakistan

US$ 10

could provide a sanitary kit, with 3 bars of laundry soap, 3 bars of toilet soap and 2 boxes of sanitary napkins, to a displaced Afghan family in Iran