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UNHCR | Donate to help people displaced by the crisis in Afghanistan


The newest wave of conflict – the latest in 40 years – has forced more than half a million Afghan people from their homes so far in 2021.  

The crisis is taking a heavy toll on women and children, who make up 80% of Afghanistan’s internally displaced people. Alongside homelessness and the threat of violence, displaced Afghans are facing a harsh winter, food scarcity, and a health system at breaking point.  

Help us deliver aid before the worst of winter hits.  

UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, has assisted half a million people displaced within Afghanistan this year with emergency aid. We are providing essential items to help families prepare for the harsh winter ahead, including blankets, solar panels and family tents to withstand high winds and the cold. 

Temperatures are already dropping to zero at night, and people sleeping outside or in inadequate shelters are at risk of hypothermia. As winter hits, you can help us ramp our response to provide people displaced inside Afghanistan with winter protection, as well refugees forced to flee to neighbouring countries.   

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A refugee girl standing in snow in Afghanistan, help refugees, donate to UNHCR.

Humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan 

Over 700,000 Afghans have been displaced so far this year. Consider making a monthly donation to help people forced to flee in crises around the world, like Afghanistan. 

US$ 1000

could provide a household solar panel for displaced Afghan families who are living in transitional accommodations

US$ 300

could provide a tent insulation kit to two displaced families in Afghanistan, thus help prevent heat loss and help survival through periods of cold

US$ 99

could provide blankets to three families affected by the displacement crisis in Afghanistan