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You can help fund a life-changing refugee scholarship

The idea underpinning the UNHCR Refugee Scholarship Programme is simple. Talented, passionate students should be supported to thrive, pursue their dreams, and become leaders in their fields of study and their communities. 

By donating today, you will help fund the cost of tuition, accommodation and living expenses, so that young refugees like Weaam have the chance to fulfil their dreams.

"I knew that to build the life I want I needed the chance to study," says Weaam. 

UNHCR has launched the Aiming Higher campaign to urgently raise $100 million to ensure that talented refugee scholars don’t get left behind.

Please join us to ensure these students don’t face gaps in their education and to invest in the best chance we have for a collective future – smart, dedicated young minds.

USD 80 can cover the cost of language, ICT, and career readiness training for one student  
USD 125 is enough to cover the cost of books and uniforms for one student for one semester 
USD 132 can cover the cost of one student’s membership of a dedicated club throughout their full four-year scholarship. These clubs are student-run and help refugee scholars make friends and integrate into student life 
USD 160 is enough to ensure that five students can continue to study through the pandemic by providing a year’s worth of data and personal protection kits 
USD 330 can cover the cost of ten student’s membership of a dedicated club throughout their full four-year scholarship. These clubs are student-run and help refugee scholars make friends and integrate into student life
USD 587 is enough to cover the cost of travel and housing for one student for an entire school year  
Weaam, Computer Science student from Syria
Weaam, Computer Science student from Syria

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Summary of donation information

A monthly gift of USD 81 for a year could cover the university tuition fees of one student for a year 
If just 10 donors give USD 128, that is enough to change the life of a talented young refugee through a full four-year scholarship