UNHCR |Donate to help people forced to flee due to the climate crisis


The climate crisis is no longer a distant threat. It’s happening right now, and those forced to flee by conflict are being hit the hardest. Disasters like droughts, flooding, landslides and wildfires are destroying livelihoods and disrupting food security. Families are being separated, communities are being destroyed and millions of lives are at risk.

The climate crisis is a human crisis.

Globally, 82 million people have been forced from their homes by conflict and persecution – and 4 in 5 of them from countries on the frontline of the climate emergency. For those already forced to flee, climate change is a crisis on top of a crisis.

But you can help us support them.

We must take action now to help those fleeing from conflict confront the climate crisis

UNHCR has been on the ground for the last 70 years fighting to protect displaced people. But the climate crisis is driving new displacement and making life harder for those already uprooted from their homes – we urgently need your help.

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A family displaced by Super Typhoon Rai (Odette) receives a solar lamp from UNHCR in the Caraga region, Philippines.

The climate crisis threatens millions of lives

Time is running out. Please donate to help us equip and empower those hit hardest to survive and build resilience for the future.