UNHCR | Donate to help people forced to flee due to the climate crisis

The climate crisis is no longer a distant threat. It’s happening right now, and those forced to flee conflict are being hit the hardest.

This El Nino season has caused heavy rains, flooding, and landslides all across the world. From the East and Horn of Africa to Brazil, families have been flooded out of their homes, with nowhere else to go. 

Please donate now to help families who have lost everything.  

Sadly, disasters like flooding are only going to become more common, as the climate crisis creates more extreme weather patterns and drives more people to flee their homes.  

UNHCR is on the ground responding to these climate emergencies, helping people rebuild after losing everything. But we don’t stop there. UNHCR is also working with affected communities to better prepare and adapt to extreme climate conditions. 

Donate now. 

Photo credit: © UNHCR/Bernard Ntwari

Please donate today to provide life-saving relief to families who have lost everything.


One-off donation: As the climate crisis worsens, your gift will help provide urgent aid to refugees and displaced people worldwide.
Monthly donation: Consider making a monthly donation. Monthly donations help assist more families forced to flee. By making a regular gift to UNHCR, you can provide refugees and displaced people worldwide with ongoing relief, protection, and hope for a better future.