UNHCR: Help families affected by the climate crisis

Families in the East and Horn of Africa have endured conflict, war and persecution. Now, flooding, drought and the devastating effects of the climate crisis are leaving them with nowhere to run.  

In the East and Horn of Africa, the climate crisis is pushing millions of refugees and vulnerable communities to the brink. Recurring droughts and floods are disrupting lives, communities and basic needs like shelter, food and water. This is leading to the loss of crops, livestock, and income. With little means to adapt, displaced families are suffering the most. 

“There is a big difference between this drought and the previous ones – we have never seen this kind of drought before.”  
Osman Ibrahim Mohamud, 70-years-old, from Somalia 

UNHCR is supporting families with vital services like healthcare, food, water, sanitation, shelter, protection, cash grants and counselling, in Kenya, Ethiopia, Somalia, and South Sudan.  

We are also helping to create long-lasting change that will protect refugees and displaced people for generations to come, such as providing clean energy solutions, as well as reforestation programmes in Kenyan camps, land restoration in Ethiopia, along with disaster risk reduction support in Somalia and South Sudan. 
Your generous support will help to provide a lifeline to people caught between conflict and the climate crisis.

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Photo credit: © UNHCR/Tiksa Negeri

People walk in a flooded Sarole river attempting to cross, near Melkadida in Somali region of Ethiopia.

Climate Crisis –
East and Horn of Africa  

By making a monthly donation to UNHCR, you will provide refugees and displaced families with protection this winter, and more winters to come.  

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