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Help people affected by Horn of Africa drought emergency

“We have never seen drought like this. It has affected everyone.” 

Food prices are increasing. Droughts are becoming more extreme. And refugees and displaced people are on the front lines. 

The entire Horn of Africa is experiencing catastrophic drought — in Somalia alone, 90% of the country is severely affected and famine is unfolding in some areas. Millions of people in Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya are farmers who depend on their livestock and crops for survival. Without enough water, livestock and crops are dying. 

People are being forced to flee their homes in search of water and food – more than 1 million people have been displaced in Somalia since the drought began, with some at risk of famine. Some, already displaced by conflict in the region are being forced to flee again. Cuts to funding has meant that UNHCR is having to make excruciating choices between providing water, health care and shelter to people in need. 

But there is something you can do. 

UNHCR is immediately delivering life-saving aid including clean water, emergency shelter kits, soap, and other hygiene materials.  

Everybody deserves fresh, clean water and a safe place to sleep. Please donate now to provide water, emergency shelter and other live-saving aid to people forced to flee in the Horn of Africa.  

Thousands of families have been displaced due to recent climate change and droughts.