UNHCR | Ramadan 2024

Join us in building a global community of compassion and support this Ramadan. 

The world is witnessing an alarming number of emergencies and ongoing crises, forcing millions of people to flee for safety.

As we gather with our loved ones this Ramadan, let’s remember the refugees and displaced families who will be breaking their fast away from their homes and loved ones.

Our Ramadan campaign is about building a place of community and compassion, where your donation provides those in need with a warm Iftar meal, clean water, safe shelter and so much more.

Your support will help set a place for those who have endured unimaginable challenges, offering them hope, and making a lasting impact on their lives.

Share the blessings of the holy month.

Extend your Ramadan table to refugees and displaced families.

Donate now.

A muslim woman sitting and praying

Extend Your Ramadan Table