UNHCR | Ramadan 2023

In this holy month, let your donation be the lifeline they need 

Take a closer look at the lives of countless refugees and imagine making heart-breaking choices that no one should ever have to make. Amidst natural disasters, rising prices, ongoing conflicts and shrinking economies, many refugee and displaced families are forced to choose between eating or heating, paying rent or buying life saving medicines. 

You have the power to change this. You have the power to help. Your donation today is their lifeline, a beacon of hope in an otherwise hopeless situation.

In this month of Ramadan, show your compassion and generosity by giving to those in greatest need. Your donation with UNHCR will reach the refugees and internally displaced families who are most vulnerable and bring a small measure of peace and comfort to their lives.

Thanks to the generosity of people like you, last Ramadan over 100,000 families who were forced to flee their homes in countries such as Bangladesh, Lebanon, Jordan, Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Egypt, and Mauritania received the support they needed.

Your donation can bring the same comfort and hope to countless families in need this Ramadan

Don't turn away from the plight of refugees. Take a closer look and see the impact your donation can make.

Don't give up on them in their time of need. Donate now and bring hope and comfort to those who need it most this Ramadan.

Osana, 76, who is staying at a mosque with her daughter and granddaughter in the Al-Midan district of Aleppo

This Ramadan, help families forced to flee