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Rohingya refugees are reeling from yet another severe danger: the yearly monsoon season.

The coming months bring strong winds and torrential storms, often causing dangerous landslides and flooding which can damage and destroy shelters, bridges and roads.

Nearly 900,000 Rohingya refugees have sought safety in Bangladesh after fleeing violence in Myanmar. They have already been through so much and now, they are facing yet another tragedy.

Imagine first being forced to flee your home due to brutal violence. Next, facing a global pandemic. Then, having your shelter and belongings destroyed by a fire. And now, the monsoon season. With these multiple challenges, the situation of Rohingya refugees is getting more and more desperate.

Your help is needed urgently to help us respond to this emergency.

Together with partners, UNHCR is reinforcing existing shelters, prepositioning relief items, and building and fortifying basic infrastructure, among other preparedness and response efforts.

UNHCR and our partners are rushing to respond but we can’t do this alone. Please donate today.

extreme weather threatens Rohingya refugees

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