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Intense fighting has broken out in Sudan, with reports of civilians killed and injured in multiple parts of the country. People are being forced to flee amid the clashes and are arriving in neighbouring countries in desperate need of help

UNHCR and partners estimate that 860,000 people, mostly women and children, could be forced to flee Sudan to Chad, South Sudan, Egypt, Ethiopia, and the Central African Republic. The numbers may further change given the extremely volatile situation. 

In Chad, UNHCR’s emergency teams are on the ground meeting newly arrived refugees and providing life-saving support.  

In South Sudan, UNHCR teams, with partners, are at border crossing points to monitor new arrivals – mainly South Sudanese refugees who are returning – and provide help.   

UNHCR is working closely with governments and partners in all countries neighbouring Sudan to respond to those who have arrived and prepare for more new arrivals.   

Hundreds of thousands of people need to be protected. They need shelter, safety, and basic supplies.   

We need your help to scale up our response.  

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All of Sudan’s neighbouring countries impacted by this new emergency already have large existing refugee and displaced populations. Urgent support is needed to ensure life-saving assistance is provided to those fleeing hostilities.  

Photo credit: © UNHCR/Aristophane Ngargoune

Sudanese refugees shelter under trees in villages 5km inside the border of neighbouring Chad

Sudan Emergency

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