UNHCR | Donate to Syrian refugees to help save lives.

After 12 years of crisis in Syria life is harder than ever for displaced families. They need your support now. 

This is the world’s largest refugee crisis, yet after so many years, the Syrian conflict has sadly faded from the spotlight. Millions of Syrian children have never known a different life. The recent earthquakes in Türkiye and Syria have destroyed or severely damaged people’s homes and devastated lives even further. 

Inside Syria, 90% of people are living below the poverty line, struggling to pay rent, buy food and afford basics like medicine and school equipment. In neighbouring countries, Syrian refugees as well as their host communities are also struggling to afford the basic necessities.  

Please donate to UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, to provide Syrian families with the essentials they need to survive. 

Syrian people deserve the chance to live in safety, go to school and make a living to support their families. An end to the crisis is desperately needed—but without a political solution on the horizon, people forced to flee continue to need our support. 

Osana, 76, who is staying at a mosque with her daughter and granddaughter in the Al-Midan district of Aleppo

Syrians forced to flee need your support more than ever

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Summary of donation information

By giving a monthly gift, you can help provide Syrian refugees and other displaced families with ongoing relief and protection.

US $550

could provide a tent to a family in northwest Syria affected by the earthquakes

US $180

could provide cash assistance for a month to a Syrian refugee family in Jordan 

US $30

could provide a solar lamp to a family in Syria, providing a sustainable source of light