Türkiye-Syria Earthquake

In February 2023, deadly earthquakes struck Southeastern Türkiye and northern Syria impacting millions and claiming tens of thousands of lives.

UNHCR and local authorities joined forces actively providing on-the-ground earthquake relief. As winter approaches, join us in assisting thousands who will face the hardships of the cold season.

Amongst those affected inside Syria are Syrians who are still displaced in their own country and living in flimsy shelters, tents, and partially destroyed buildings. In Türkiye, the impact also includes thousands of refugees, and the communities that have been generously hosting them for nearly 13 years.  

Please donate now to provide emergency relief to those affected by these devastating earthquakes. 

A girl carries her little sister outside a school that has been turned into a collective shelter in Maysaloon district, Aleppo, Syria, where they are staying after the devastating earthquakes that struck south-eastern Türkiye and northern Syria on 6 February

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