Your donations to UNHCR's winter appeal will help refugees.

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Your donation provides refugees and displaced families hope

For refugees and displaced families forced to flee their homes, this winter threatens to be harsher than ever. They will have to face winter struggling to keep their families warm in tents or improvised shelters, while also facing the threat of COVID-19.

For displaced Syrians and Iraqis across the Middle East, UNHCR is on the ground working day and night providing aid and distributing life-saving supplies.

In Afghanistan, we are delivering essential items like blankets, solar panels and winter insulation for tents to help vulnerable displaced families through the harsh winter months.

But we cannot continue this work without your help. 

We need to act now, before it’s too late.

Your donation can help keep refugees safe and warm this winter.

A refugee girl standing in snow in Afghanistan, help refugees, donate to UNHCR.

Spread kindness this winter

Monthly gifts help us save more families forced to flee. By making a monthly donation to UNHCR, you will provide refugees with protection this winter, and many more winters to come