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Latifa Ziauddin, an Afghan refugee learning skills to support her family. She appreciates the installation of a solar system in the centre which enabled her to continue her learning

Economic inclusion
for every refugee

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Summary of donation information

Monthly gifts help support more families forced to flee. With your regular donation to UNHCR, you can provide refugees and displaced people worldwide with ongoing support and protection. 

Your donation will provide life-saving support to people forced to flee worldwide wherever it's needed most.

SGD $200

is enough to provide agriculture-based livelihood support to a refugee family in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh

SGD $300

is enough to provide 100 entrepreneurs in Ecuador with training on financial literacy

SGD $2,000

is enough to cover the fees for start-up small business project in Syria

About MADE51: Economic Inclusion in Action

MADE51 is a global initiative launched by UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, that aims to empower refugee artisans and connect them with global markets. The initiative provides training, resources, and market linkages to refugee artisans, enabling them to showcase their unique skills and craftsmanship while generating sustainable income. The MADE51 brand offers a wide range of handmade products, including jewelry, textiles, home décor, and fashion accessories, all crafted by refugee artisans from around the world. By purchasing MADE51 products, consumers can support refugee livelihoods, preserve traditional crafts, and promote cultural exchange. For more information, please visit: https://www.made51.org/

What does UNHCR do?

UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, is a global organization working to save lives, protect rights and build a better future for refugees, internally displaced communities and stateless people. We work to ensure that everybody has the right to seek asylum and find refuge from violence or persecution.

What does Elevandi do?

Elevandi is a non-profit organisation set up by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) to connect people and businesses, ideas and insights in the FinTech sector in Singapore and globally. Elevandi fosters an open dialogue between the public and private sectors to advance FinTech in the digital economy and drive economic inclusion.

What is the Elevandi-UNHCR partnership about?

In November 2023, at the Singapore FinTech Festival, UNHCR and Elevandi announced a partnership focusing on enhancing skills training and employment opportunities for refugees globally. Over the next three years, this collaboration will involve Elevandi's support for UNHCR's economic inclusion programs, including MADE51, aiming to empower refugees through improved economic opportunities and inclusion.

Why should I donate monthly or on a regular basis?

By choosing to give a regular donation, you will be helping UNHCR to plan ahead and invest in long-term projects to improve the lives the refugees.

Faster help: Monthly donations allow UNHCR to respond to emergencies when a crisis occurs. Your gift can go where it's most needed.

Support of long-term operations: More predictable income helps UNHCR go beyond short-term emergency aid and provide families with ongoing relief and protection every single day.

Easy to donate: To set up a recurring donation, please choose the Monthly option in the form. You can always update your donations by contacting our Donor Care team at [email protected].

How does UNHCR spend my donation?

Your money helps UNHCR provide protection, shelter and other forms of assistance, and advocacy on behalf of displaced and stateless people every year. We ensure that as many funds as possible are redirected to refugees, stateless persons and asylum-seekers. UNHCR staff work as closely as possible with and for people forced to flee, with 90 per cent of our workforce in field locations. For further details on UNHCR's budget, read our Global Report.

Our Donor Promise
If you have any questions about your donation or our work, then please contact us at  [email protected], we promise to reply as soon as we can.